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Which are more suitable for drilling, brass tubes or copper tubes?

Brass electrode tube φ0.3-1.0mm



Brass electrode tube

Red copper electrode tube φ0.3-1.0mm


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Which are more suitable for drilling, brass tubes or copper tubes?

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The copper tube of the punching machine (also known as the small copper tube for the electrode and the copper tube for the punching machine) is the electrode for processing the small hole of the spark machine

The copper tubes for drilling machines (also known as small electrode copper tubes and copper tubes for punchers), are electrodes for machining small holes, including deep small holes and blind holes, in the spark-erosion machine tool, and can be divided into brass tubes and red copper tubes.

The electrode red copper tube has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and easy processing performance, so it is often used in the pipeline, cooling pipe, evaporator, heat exchanger, etc. It also has the characteristics of high purity, wear resistance and good electrical contact, so it is often used in the wire cutting auxiliary holes of dies.

The electrode brass tube is of high strength, good plasticity and corrosion resistance, is suitable for hot and cold processing welding, and can be electroplated, which is often used for drainage pipes, medals, works of art, cooling and radiating pipes and cooling equipment accessories.