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Zibo YHAO Electromechanical Accessories Co., Ltd. is the first domestic manufacturer specialized in electrode copper tubes. Our self-developed "Yuntong" high-speed EDM small-hole drill electrode tubes are special electrodes for small hole EDM drilling machines. Such electrodes may be applied to the high speed machining of small deep holes and blind holes, such as all heat emission holes, cooling holes, filtration pores, spinneret orifices, purging holes, and wire feed holes. No matter it is curved surface or inclined plane, either hard alloy or hardened steel and stainless steel, can allow the high speed machining of your desired holes, the depth-diameter ratios of which may be up to 300 and above; the long-term use of users from the electrical process machine research institutes, nonferrous metal research institutes and aerospace industries etc. have proven that the electrode tubes are of stable and reliable quality, having reached the advanced levels of foreign similar electrode tubes.

"Yuntong" high-speed EDM small-hole drill electrode tubes are characterized by high precision, good linearity and excellent surface quality. Those holes machined using such electrode tubes have good linearity, no deviation, and excellent surface quality (Ra<1.6μm) etc.

YAHAO has undertaken the external machining of molds, wire EDM accessories, guide apparatuses matched with electrode tubes, seal rings and small-hole machine parts etc. Besides, copper tubes of various specifications and sizes may be customized according to customer requirements.

Li Chunli, our Manager, is cordially welcoming you for business negotiations and mutual development. Welcome to YHAO and make great achievement together.